Wednesday, September 21, 2016

life between love and breakups

Don't expect a liar to stop lying and don't expect cheaters to stop cheating. Love changes but people's manners rarely change even someone changes to please you, he will ultimately return to his roots. It happened to Brangelina the world's favorite couple, so don't be surprised if it happens to you. It's the matter of how you recover some people grow stronger some become fragile. You should be independent in order to be stronger. When you always depend on someone the moment he let's you down your world fall apart. Be strong.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Vacation came so is free time and being bored. life goes like you open Facebook nothing new, U get bored close it then open it 5 minutes later cause you get bored. So i myself resort to DIY. It widens your imagination and makes you happy and here is an idea.
Save a tree
So we all have these small pencils that we no longer can use, instead of throwing them in the trash you can create a new one and save a tree.    


 An old jar, spray and a piece of cloth

then the pencils
Small pencils, empty pen, colored duct tape



Friday, February 6, 2015

be smart

what to do when you wanna curse because someone pisses you off
you say "bitch plez" then before the other guy speak you say"is a very good page on facebook, it's so funny"


when u feel bored u open the facebook then u feel bored close the facebook then open it again bec u found nothing to do .
that's how life goes in vacation

مما أعجبنى

the future belong to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams

“No matter how many times people try to criticize you, the best revenge is to prove them wrong.”
zayn malik


Boy: *calls 911* Hello? I need your help!
911: Alright, What is it?
Boy: Two girls are fighting over me!
911: So what's your emergency?
Boy: The ugly one is winning


Girls are feminine in every time
whether she is a hot model or a nagging boss, all girls will still be feminine. Inside every tomboy girl there is still this shy beautiful female, don't you think that because she acted rough it means that she lost her feminine touch. the thing is some girls show their beauty by wearing sexy clothes but other are shy to show their body so they try to caught the attention by being different. it's so hard may be impossible that you don't find makeup and accessories in every girl's wardrobe and from once and while you will find her putting some makeup even if it's at home. whatever the girl said that she don't think about love or boys, still she have a crush on the cool boy not necessary (the man of the hour) but he's cool in her eyes and envy every girl in a relationship with a  nice cool boy. in the battle of sexes between man and woman there's no loser because they both need each other. He is good at things and She is good at other things. the girl needs someone to love her unconditionally, someone makes her feel that she is a queen, someone with whom she feels safe and protected and everybody else is dispensable except him. Every girl is beautiful but in her own way. it's necessary that she looks sexy to show her feminism she can dress the way she likes. i believe in a quote says (if the girl has the right to show her body then of course she has the right to cover it). the girl is like a jewel.

البنات هما البنات فى كل زمان و آوان
مهما وصلت البنت لمركز عالى لو كانت مديرة صارمة ستظل أنثى. حتى البنت المسترجلة هتلاقى جواها بنوتة جميلة جدا بس الفرق 
أن فى بعض البنات بيظهروا جمالهم و البعض الآخر يخجل أن يظهرة.صعب أن أنت تفتش فى دولاب بنت من غير متلاقى أكسسوارت و مكياج, حتى لو هى مش بتحط مكياج هتلاقيها بتحب تشترى المكياج و أكسسوارات و تحب تحط منهم و لو فى البيت. مهما قالت البنت أنا مش بفكر فى الحب و الكلام الفاضى دة هتلاقيها بتعجب بالولد الأمور لما يعدى من جنبها و مش قصدى أنه لازم يكون شكلة حلو أنا قصدى شكله حلو فى عيناها. حتى لو البنت مش بتفكر فى أنوثتها هتلاقيها بتحسد كل بنت مرتبطة بولد. بيبقى نفسها حد يحبها و يحميها حد يحسسها أنها مالكه الكون كلة, حد و هى معاة تحس أنها مش محتاجة لأى حد غيره. البنات كلهم جمال. ايوه كلهم بس كل واحدة حلوة بشكل غير التانية. البنات مش لازم تمشى لابسة المحزق و الملزق علشان تبقى حلوة بالعكس ده كده بترخس نفسها