Saturday, May 6, 2017


Lately in Egypt we have been suffering through a lot. Seriously many of us are wondering how Egypt is still stand still! Bad economics, shitty Education, NO freedom to media and of course i don't need to start talking about the state caz i'll never stop๐Ÿ˜ซ. many things that made me and many others just want to close our eyes and travel faaaaaaaaaar away from this country. But there comes other times when you know Egypt is where you belong. Egypt ain't about the government or authority or rules, it's about the PEOPLE. The Egyptians are the one who is making Egypt great and nothing else. If you pass out in the middle of the street U would find all people gather not to rob you but to help you. Even if it means they will be late for their jobs or an important meeting, they will help you without even thinking about it. U become friend with others without even asking about their religion and know by coincidence years later. When U naturally choose people based on their behavior not their race. when u r muslim and your best friend is christian no one is going to be stunned by your choice nor you would be given credit for it; Because that's normal. There is nothing extraordinary about tolerance and accepting others, U just do it. when a church was bombed a month ago on Easter, the whole country was devastated and U were like on the phone checking that all your friends are Okay and no one was hurt. I was so pissed about the lack of security and the failure of the system that made this happen. At that time i hated my country so much but there is always something that make you love Egypt. It's the love and cooperation between the people, no racism included. everyone rushed to donate blood for the injured, all the nearby mosques and building were turned into hospitals saving as many life as they could. people tried to reach for hospitals to get the first aids until ambulances come, later there was a fundraising to rebuild the damaged church and help the victims' families. People didn't wait for officials to act, they acted immediately caz we R all family. Bad is bad for all, Good is good for all. Egypt maybe not a developed country but it certainly has developed people. Like me and my friends always say before the exams: We R in this shit together๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…

 Enemies try to tear us up but they didn't know that it make us stronger

Friday, April 14, 2017


Why is it always when U R going the extra mile to make everyone around you happy caz U care about their feelings while they don't give a shit about yours it ends up they make U look as if U were the bad guy 

Saturday, April 1, 2017


Childhood memories are the sweetest time of human mind.  Nobody can forget his/her childhood memories whether they are pleasant or painful. The day gone is gone forever. Only memories remain in human mind. These memories make you cry sometimes and make you laugh sometimes. We never can cut out them from life. For that reason, childhood memories are the sweetest in man's life. It is not possible to get back those days.  Sometimes we need to be a kid again may be with our kids to have a vent away from our busy life.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Who is the victim!

      Nowadays people call for world peace as they know what the consequences of a war are. Wars are heinous and full of blood, blood of innocent people. Wars are based on politics; politics is full of lies and manipulations. Because of wars houses are damaged, families are homeless, people loses their mind from the devastating loss of their beloved. USA is a great country, but it caused a lot of problems by waging wars in other countries like Iraq, Vietnam and Afghanistan. A lot of souls are lost through wars from both sides, and both the attackers and the attacked see they have the right to defend their country. I’m not defending a specific side, but I just wonder who is the victim is it USA or the other countries?!
      The victim is the people of both countries. People from Iraq, Vietnam and Afghanistan say that their country will never be the same after the invasion; they live in sad and grief because of the loss of their beloved. American soldiers are torn between two things whether what they have done is right or wrong, everyone in their country is looking at them as heroes but deep down in their souls they feel that they are killers. The returning soldiers to USA have been through a lot of pain physically and mentally. War is just a loss of souls and money which eventually leads to the loss of the country. With the money used in wars for weapons that destroy it can be used for projects that build.
   Some or I shall say many people hate USA, because of the many wars that it waged against other countries. But before you hate a country you have to differentiate between the authority and the people. You must think who is behind that demolition is it the politics or the people who were just used as a tool to achieve an imperialistic goals. The American people are just like any people in the world they want to live peacefully with their families and they work hard to earn money like any typical family in the world. But the American politics is based on a small group of powerful people that control the country. But power isn’t about how you oppress others; it’s about how you help others.

    A country that I really respect is china although I’m Egyptian and I love Egypt more than life itself, but I can’t deny that we have a lot of problems that caused us to be a third world country or I’d like to say a developing country because classification of the world into first world, second world or third world countries is sort of racism. Why I love china is because it works peacefully to achieve progress. China neither complained about over population as Egypt did nor waged wars against other countries as USA did. It restored back its glory by giving the best example of what a country should be like. Chinese products are everywhere all around the world. China thought about what the people need, people need to live not to engage in wars. By spreading love and only love you’ll dominant.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

A bless in disguise

     In life we face different situations. Sometimes an event that seems to be going badly turns out well after all. Some events are described by “a bless in disguise”. The man doesn’t know what is better for him. God always makes what is best for him. We shouldn’t stand against fate. We should capitalize the situation we are in, not just stand still regretting our destiny. Many inventions happen by chance. Sometimes the experiment goes wrong but leads to amazing discovery.
    There is a situation that has happened to me which; seems to be going badly but, turns out well after all. I was travelling to USA to attend an important meeting with the headquarter manager of our company. It was my first time to meet him. That was a meeting that I can’t miss because it may determine my future. Although I was well prepared to travel, I packed my bags the day before but I forgot one thing is to set the alarm on time. I waked up late the day I supposed to travel. There were no cabs for a while and even when I could catch (get in) a cab, the roads where busy. I rushed out to the airport but unfortunately I couldn’t catch my plane as it has already taken off. I didn’t know what to do. I asked for the next flight, they told me that the next flight is at 6 pm and now it was 10 am. It means that I have to wait for seven hours for the next flight. I thought about going back home but it was raining heavily and the roads were blocked. What a bad day! I had no choice but to wait for the next flight.
    At the airport while I was waiting, there was an old man sitting next to me. I didn’t care about him at first. I was so sad almost crying. But suddenly I found that old man angry and very nervous. He was yelling at the phone because there was a problem in his business (that what I understood). Then that old man had a heart attack. I knew about first aids because my brother is a doctor. I tried to help him then, I called my brother who was by chance near the airport. My brother came in no time and saved the man’s life. After the man regained his health back he thanked me and my brother. Then I began to talk to the old man. I found out that his secretary had told him that his flight was at 11:30 am although it was at 9:30 am.  He was upset because he was supposed to meet him employee for an important business meeting. I also told him my story and how sad I am then, when I told him about my company’s name he burst out laughing and told me “don’t worry, every thing is going to be alright”. At that moment I I thought he was trying to calm me down. When I arrived at the meeting, I found everyone yelling at me. Although I tried to explain the situation that had happened to me but no one listened. Then there was silence. I found the old man that I met before at the airport was standing, he was dressed in a suit and he looked handsome. It turns out that the old man is the owner of the company. He thanked me in front of everybody for being late and said “without the coincident that made this man late, I may have died” and then he added “this man saved my life”. He told every body the story and they all clapped for my bravery (I guess they were flattering). I was the hero of the company and my boss (the old man) gave me authority to choose my own projects. I really worked hard and I impressed him with my ideas then I got many promotions until I became the manager of the company now.

    It’s quite possible for someone to have a day that doesn’t seem to go well and it turns out to be wonderful. The most important thing is to take advantage of every second in your life. We aren’t going to live forever some day we are going to die and rest in peace.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Face your fear

              We create our own demons and let our fear control us while we can conquer the impossible. Be brave and face your fear. We should learn to love ourselves more because we deserve to live. God has blessed us with so many merits that we should use. Anyone has potentials to create the impossible if just he believes that he is gifted and he isn’t less than anybody else because we are all equal. If you believe in yourself you will explore new levels of your potentials. The human mind can make miracles. Life is like a long marathon, only those who enjoy patience and perseverance can win. We should never give up on the first obstacle in our road. Life is not Win it all, or lose it all. Sometimes you’re a winner other times you’re not. I believe that there is no gain without pain. You wouldn't know the sweet taste of success until you know the bitter taste of failure.  You wouldn’t have achieved success without trying. Some people have this fear of trying new things. But without those brave who conquered that fear, we wouldn’t have enjoyed all the new inventions and there wouldn’t be the new discoveries that we know now. Without Amerigo Vespucci there would be no America the most dominant country nowadays. Luck is God’s gift to those who have worked hard and never gave up.

     Your life won’t stop because you got fired from a job or you got divorced. Some people get very upset about it and can’t move on. If you don’t get over the difficulties and move on, you won’t enjoy the beauty of life, love and forgiveness. Don’t get too sad and worried about anything, nothing worth it.  Think about it what you are going to lose if you make yourself happy. I can’t deny that everyone has problems in life .we all face obstacles in our life but we must overcome those problems to continue our life. Everyone has his ways to solve problems .my way to solve problems is to think calmly and deeply about the problem and what are my options. Of course no one wants to get into troubles however you may came across many troubles in your life, therefore you should always be ready to face troubles and solve them. You should always have plan B .in addition you shall stay away from trouble makers. I believe in the saying "don't trouble trouble until trouble troubles you "you should avoid problems in the first place so you won't have to face the consequences.
    My way to solve problems is to think sensibly with no rush and to balance things and choose my best option. I think this way is working for me very well. I don't like to make problems out of unimportant thing. Forgive and forget this is the golden rule that i follow in my life. But when I say forget I mean to learn a lesson from that. If you think too much about problems you will create more problems. If you deal with problems reasonably you will have peace of mind. Many people give small problems more value than they deserve. Never give up there is no problem without solution. If you can't find solution on your own you can ask a friend or a relative for help and expect that you won’t always take their advice. Sometimes they will get upset that you didn’t follow their advice but don’t worry they will forgive you. You should choose the best solution to you from your perspective not theirs. You have to accept the fact that life isn't always fair but you shall continue your life. Be brave when you face a problem and don't hesitate .you should learn from the past, enjoy the present and plan for future. You can solve any problem when you determine to solve it. In addition the human's mind can come up with solutions that are very great. Some times you can turn the problem to something good for you as they say “a bless in disguise”. I think the best way to solve problems is to be prepared and always have planB but don't worry too much. And try as you can to get away from problems, don’t be the one who creates them.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

life between love and breakups

Don't expect a liar to stop lying and don't expect cheaters to stop cheating. Love changes but people's manners rarely change even someone changes to please you, he will ultimately return to his roots. It happened to Brangelina the world's favorite couple, so don't be surprised if it happens to you. It's the matter of how you recover some people grow stronger some become fragile. You should be independent in order to be stronger. When you always depend on someone the moment he let's you down your world fall apart. Be strong.